Cold Heart, Cruel Hand

Author - Laurence J Brown

LJB has done it again......- 5stars

I was so pleased that my friend recommended LJ Brown's first book "Housecarl" to me, as it really opened my eyes to historical novels. These were not the type of books I thought I would enjoy. Boy was I wrong.

LJB's first novel was so descriptive in content and so thought provoking, it left me hungry for more. I have since become a big fan of these types of books and have constantly looked out for more work by LJB. Well, the wait is finally over, Cold Heart, Cruel Hand is on the shelves, and doesn't dissapoint.

Ranulf, with his wife and son, have joined up with Hereward the Wake on a small island in the Fens. This small army of Saxons is the last pocket of resistence against William the Conquerer, the last hope against norman rule. Friends of Ranulfs that were present in Housecarl, once again join forces to aide this small army. The odds are stacked heavily against them, but every man has their own reasons for loathing King William, and all are willing to fight for their freedom from Norman rule, or pay the ultimate price trying.

Equally, King William needs to destroy Hereward the Wake and his small army of Saxons, and thus prove his ultimate power over England. If it were just a matter of strength, then William could crush this army like a bug, but first he must find a way to get to the enemy. Not an easy task, as the Conquerer finds out at a great cost.

The battle scenes are once again written with such detail that you feel as if you are there witnessing the events as they happen. The book is full of twists and turns that find you holding your breath in places, anticipating how things will end, and finding another turn that takes you in another direction. There are evil foes that Ranulf has to endure, and freinds in unexpected quarters.

This book has been worth the wait, and I am indebted to LJB for whetting my appetite for historical novels.
His write up says he is a lawyer. If he is as good a lawyer as he is a writer, then he is for sure a force to be reckoned with. If he is not as good a lawyer as he is a writer, then he should take up writing full time, we would then not be left waiting two years between books. Roll on book 3 or at least the movie of the first 2 books to keep us going in the meantime. Two thumbs up...

An Amazon customer from Canada