Cold Heart, Cruel Hand

Author - Laurence J Brown

One of the best books ever! - 5 stars

I was delighted with Mr. Brown's first book, Housecarl. I eagerly ordered this second book and if I could give it 50 stars I would. I dare say it is even better than the first - which was marvelous itself! Mr. Brown picks up the story of Ranulf, the only surviving Housecarl from King Harold's last stand in 1066, as he and his wife and young son struggle against the terrible Norman slaughter in York. Against all odds, they survive and chance brings them to the camp of Hereward the Wake. Hereward was once a nobleman himself, but displaced when William the Conqueror awarded his lands to a Norman lord and killed his only brother. Hereward had been away fighting a foreign war and did not return in time to fight in 1066. He does however put up a resistance that is inspiring, thrilling and makes a story you won't want to put down! Ranulf's personal struggle against survivor's guilt and his single-minded desire to protect his young family are equally thrilling and inspiring. Mr. Brown has created characters on the Norman side that are both vividly terrifying - the kind you love to hate, and also honorable - the kind you'd love to have known. Without giving away the story - which simply pulls you enthusiastically from page to page, I will say that Mr. Brown has taken a period of English history and masterfully captured the political, military and personal struggles that must certainly have happened much as he has imagined. I reached the last page and could have started it over again immediately. I am not ready to be finished with these characters and I desperately hope that the story has not yet come to an end. BUY THIS BOOK!!!!! You will be thrilled that you did!

An Amazon customer from Minnesota