Cold Heart, Cruel Hand

Author - Laurence J Brown

...what a book!... a tale of intrigue, epic battles, life and death struggles and the tortuous affairs of the heart that sometimes afflicts even the best of us! This time the action involves the main character Ranulf his wife Alice and child Hal, Hereward the Wake and William the Conqueror as well as several subplots involving minor (but important) characters.

I bought the book and found I could not put it down and within 4 days had finished it (yes I did have more important things to do but this took over)! It flowed smoothly from start to finish and the story never seemed to falter like some tend to do. I don't want to go into specific details about what happens to Ranulf as that would spoil everyone else's enjoyment. Suffice to say that Laurence puts him and his family through much pain and hardship which is understandable considering the harrowing times that a saxon would live through under 'the Conqueror's rule'. The book brings it home what it must have been like to have your life turned upside down as the Norman's effectively take over the country, ensuring that their word was law and woe betide anyone who resisted them.

Although the novel has a similar remit to 'Housecarl' in that it has certain historical facts to take into account, Laurence has successfully woven them into what I think is a great story and certainly worthy of a Movie spin-off on the scale of several recent blockbusters so Movie Directors - take note!

The only thing more I can say now is BUY IT and see for yourself.

My rating

Paul L Money