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Housecarl by :Laurence J Brown

Three battles, hundreds of funerals, all in five weeks during 1066 changed the course of British History.

This is now the basis of an exciting book written by a Boston lawyer 46-year-old Laurence J Brown.

And it is a five star read - it's got it all, the intrigues, romance and drama by the bucketful. The hero is a daring fighter called Ranulf Redbeard - a sort of one man magnificent seven! - some soldier.

If you are looking for dusty documents, faded 'photographs' and glossed-over battles, this isn't the book for you. It is history kicked up to date that makes it very readable. Splendid stuff.

Set against a dramatic historical background the gruesome battle scenes are not 'Disney' material - perhaps Spielberg - But Boston publisher Paul Mould, who has contacts in the movie world, has sent off the book to Castle Rock - as of The Green Mile fame. He has received a reply from the company boss Barry Spikings (an ex-Boston Grammar School lad) to say "there could be a film in it".

The Housecarls were King Harold's "SAS" an elite personal bodyguard, who swore to fight to the death to save their King.

The 1066 Battles at Fulford Gate, Stamford Bridge, and Hastings are laid out at their brutal best!

Laurence J Brown says his writing "is a therapy from the stress of the legal profession."

He does a magnificent job. It is a fine book.

Trevor Reynolds of The Boston Target