Lincolnshire Gazette

Housecarl by :Laurence J Brown

Laurence J Brown, a partner in a Boston firm of solicitors, has written an interesting novel based on the three battles of 1066, finishing with the famous Battle of Hastings which changed the course of English history.

The book opens in Bonneville-sur-Touques, 1064, when Harold Godwineson, future King of England, is captured by the then Duke, William and is forced to swear an allegience to him.

The book concludes on Christmas Day, 1066, with the enthronement of William the Conqueror as King of England.

The novel is fast paced, exciting and very absorbing. All the twists and turns expected in a modern story are there.

All the facts are historically correct, even if it is now doubted by historians that Harold was actually hit in the eye by an arrow, it is kept in the story as traditionally people still believe what legend has taught them.

The battle scenes are very graphic giving the reader a sense of being on the field amongst the warriors.

This is a book to enjoy and learn from. For people who like historical novels it is a must, and for people who like reading it is a book to enjoy.

David Ward of The Lincolnshire Gazette