Housecarl by :Laurence J Brown

A thoroughly researched exciting unputdownable first novel - 5 Stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this exciting first novel from Laurence J Brown. His research has been exceptional, and I learnt a lot about the events of 1066 that led up to the famous battle that changed the course of English history. Actual events are skilfully woven into the story, for instance the rivetting account of the giant soldier who held the bridge at the Battle of Stamford Bridge prior to the Battle at Hastings. Mr Brown has mastered the art of keeping us in suspense in telling a story in which we all know the outcome, by making us care about the main characters. I wept at the end when the final battle reached its inevitable conclusion. This is a real page turner. Highly recommended. I look forward to reading the sequel "Cold Heart Cruel Hand" to discover the fate of the survivors...

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